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The Light of Stars Kristal Pendant on Seppo Station Chain Brass 24”

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A lustrous brass frame embedded with fiery stars encompasses a basin packed full of cosmic-sized faceted argent crystals. Fanning around its rim, a rugged bejeweled halo jets forth. The Light of Stars Kristal Charm is sure to bestow a spark of the aetherial to any wearer. Its layers of brazen rings nested one within the other evoke the picture painted by astronomers of old to describe the apparent motion of fixed stars—as jewels set into celestial spheres, climbing ever towards the highest starry heaven.

Brass, Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals



The Seppo Station Chain features a weightier design composed of long, open links of rich brass and scattered stations of solid sterling silver, each accented with three tiny crystals. Designed for wear both with charms or pendants or sans ornamentation, Seppo, meaning ‘skillful’ is the perfect component for layering with other styles of chain, or delights just as much on its own. Designed with intention and to delight, one cannot go wrong with it. 24”.

Brass, Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals

24" | chain 4.5mm | station 4.9mm


Waxing Poetic encourages you to tell your story through self-expression, wear the pieces of jewelry that hold meanings dear to your heart, do what feeds your soul and celebrate the journey.

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